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5 Jewelry Trends You Must Try This Spring

The concept of jewelry, once so effectively used by our ancestors in the form of bones, claws, and horns, has since then witnessed revolutionary changes. This process of adornment has accelerated markedly since the first human wore jewelry in the form of flowers and other metals. References to pieces of jewelry are no longer established ironically. The idea of wearing jewelry has become a lifestyle now. Inspired enough to be worn by models on the runway and worthy enough to be a part of millions. 

However, there’s one thing that will remain common in all this – evolution in jewelry trends. You see this spring season too, we will see a no. of new jewelry trends in stores, and on the runway. And the good news is, some of the Spring jewelry trends are already hitting various stores. We have listed a few jewelry trends that will enter 2020 with a bang. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest spring jewelry trends so that you can start shopping for them now. 

Colorful Jewelry

Gold, silver, and diamond are some jewelry trends that will rule the fashion world for a long-long-long time. But for this spring season, the usual is out and some unusual jewelry pieces are in. The designers displayed an explosion of colors in the Spring 2020 jewelry collection. There were bright colors with floral and beaded touch. While the models walked the ramp displaying the most bright jewelry, another designer came up with a mix and match of colors. The colors were bright, beautiful, and playful, indicating that Spring is going to be all about having fun. So, head to the nearest jewelry Pittsburgh store and see what color awaits you.

Single Earring

One earring hanging from your ear, dangling from end to the other. Believe me, once you adopt this style, you will like the look more than you imagined. Single earrings are the best way to make a unique fashion statement. And the good news is single earrings have been trending from the past few years now. Looks like 2020 is also going to be the year for single earrings. In my personal opinion, no matter what you wear, this jewelry style always spices up things. Be it a stone stud or a bangle earring hanging from only one ear, people will definitely turn their heads to see this unique style. Also, 2020 will be no different because most runways were seen showcasing single ear earrings. This also means that this year too single earrings will rule the fashion industry. 

Oversized Chains

In all the recent fashion shows, there is one fashion trend that prominently made a statement. You see we all know that fashion has been taking the minimalist approach for quite a few years now. However, this jewelry trend is extravagant and looks like some designers are ready to forgo minimalist fashion trends. Perhaps this is why we so many models wearing oversized chains on the runways. At first, you might think it is a bold step to wear oversized chains but strangely enough you begin to like the idea of wearing something bold and outlandish around your neck. 

These chains are also the best way to make a fashion statement when people least expect it from you. In fact, if you go through fashion magazines and runway shows, you will notice that the chains have gotten bigger and bigger. It seems like this year’s jewelry collection will be all about oversized chains forged in metal, beads and other designing materials.  


From headpieces to earrings, and necklaces, pearls are another jewelry trend that never goes out of style. Most fashion runways showcased pearl headgears, layered necklaces, drop earrings, and a lot more. Pears are definitely going strong this season and watch out for some extravagant pearl-made pieces of jewelry this year. You will see them in almost every form and shape. Whether it’s round beaded earrings or pearl designed pendant hanging from a beaded string necklace, everything about pearls is going to be classy, stylish and beautiful all at the same time. So watch out for some bold pearl jewelry this Spring season. 

Large Hoops 

In my personal opinion, hoop earrings never left and they are here to stay. It has been so many years and I see myself purchasing a hoop earring every now and then. Earlier it was small hoops, then medium, then large, and now I see myself wearing even larger hoops. Rounded hoops with double layers, half-rounded hoops with thick gold layers on the outside, and even beaded hoops. All these hoop trends made a statement in almost all the runways that presented hoops like jewelry. Although, the only difference that you will see this Spring season is that of the size. The hoops will multiply in size and layers. In fact, some of them might even come with unusual designs. So, watch out for the trending five jewelry trends mentioned-above and stay stylish. 

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