5 Ways to Stop Hair Loss in Men
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5 Ways to Stop Hair Loss in Men

Nobody really talks about the trauma that men go through due to hair loss. Despite it being a normal thing that affects almost every man at some point in life, it sometimes leads to anxiety, poor self image or even depression. Nothing can really stop the natural balding process but men who are losing their hair at quite an early age due to lifestyle changes, pollution problems, medications, lack of minerals etc. can practice a few ways to reduce or possibly stop their hair loss. 

Invest in Good Hair Care Products 

Using the right kind of hair care products is an important step in almost every person’s self care routines. Whatever seems to be the primary issue that is leading to the hair loss of that person, it makes sense for them to then invest in the right kind of product that will treat that particular issue. There are many male hair fall shampoos and conditioner duos in the market, what you need to do is be informed and make the right decision. Pick the best hair fall treatment which will either aim at stopping hair fall or boosting hair growth. 

It is also advisable for them to stop using coloring products or any such harsh chemicals which will hamper their hair growth or damage the strength of their roots. The health of your hair is more important than anything else. 

Include Vitamins Into Your Life 

Vitamins A, B, D, E, and Biotin which is Vitamin H boosts the overall health of the hair by encouraging healthy production of sebum in the scalp. This in turn is responsible for improving the blood circulation which will stimulate hair follicles to produce new hair strands naturally boosting the hair growth.

You can either include them in your diet with the help of tablets or use products that have the following vitamins as ingredients. Food is an essential part of ensuring that your hair remains healthy. Apart from vitamins, there are other medications like CBD gummies or products with Delta-8 that can further help make the hair healthy and strong. 

Tweak Your Lifestyle 

The leading factor that affects the health of hair is stress. The lifestyle that we are living now directly affects not just our mental health but also externally affects our body. The most apparent one being through hair loss. To reduce hair loss due to lifestyle related anxiety or work life stress you can incorporate some healthy habits. Get enough sleep, work out or exercise daily, avoid smoking or drinking and practice some form of meditation. 

Home Remedies 

Many home remedies are known to aid you in your journey to reduce hair fall or completely stop hair fall. To name a few, applying onions, rubbing garlic juice or aloe vera, leaving coconut milk and green tea for some time on the scalp has been known to help with strengthening of the hair root follicles. Along with this the whole aspect of massaging your scalp with essential oils is considered to be one of the most effective methods to stimulate blood circulation in your scalp which will lead to a good and happy head of hair.

Seek Expert Advice

Seeking the guidance of an expert or a doctor is important if you want to see some major effects in the quality and quantity of your hair. They can assess your situation accurately and then plan out a proper schedule for you to improve the health of your hair. You can also avail for fancy medical hair transplants to battle and prevent hair loss. Don’t be ashamed to do so because many of the most famous male celebrities opt for it too. 


In conclusion all that I would like to add here would be that losing hair is a natural phenomena and it will irrefutably happen sooner or later. The best thing that you can do is to be kind to yourself and be reasonable while dealing with this whole issue. 

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