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Stir fry hacks to keep handy this holiday season

Stir fry, our whole childhood, incredible tastes, and a unique recipe is hidden in these things. We all have had stir fry food in our youth, and there could not be an infantile without stir fry food. When I was a kid, I used to think, when I grew up, I would only eat stir fry food and nothing else. But, something fell off the bridge of balance as soon as the child state ended in me. I could not make it taste like my mother or her mother or my other grandma, but after a little research at the moment, I am close to that excellent taste. And just like what the good boys do, I am sharing some of the stir fry hacks with y’all to help others overcome their agony too. But first;

What is A Stir Fry?

Stir-frying is an Asian method of cooking food, derived from China. In this technique, the chef put all the ingredients in a wok and fry it into a very hot but minimal amount of oil; the chef must keep on stirring the food. This way of cooking food was started somewhere around 1368 to 1644 in the Ming dynasty. But it was not until deep into the 20th century when ordinary people could have enough money to buy fuel and oil that stir-frying penetrated home kitchens even in China, and now it is a worldwide hit.

Prepare Your Veggies Before Heating 

Dumb as I am, I used to do this myself. I would wash the veggies and put the wok on the stove for heating the oil as I dice the vegetables. Most often than not, the oil would burn and taste bad, like the blood of raw pig at times. So, it is essential that you have your stuff, washed, sliced, and dried before you start heating the oil. Another major tip from the same department is to make sure your veggies are 100% dry; if you put wet vegetables into boiling oil, it will only make veggies mushy and wilted. Water will also make steam in the already heating pan, which will then prevent browning. Paper towels and kitchen towels are perfect for this task. 

Must-Have the Wok 

This is a must-have on the list of things needed for making stir-frying work fine. This cooking equipment hails from Chinese and worth the investment, money, and time both wise. The wok is a round bottom container and is ideal for the task of frying. What makes this piece of steel so perfect is the fact that it conducts heat evenly at the bottom and makes tossing the ingredients cruelly easy. But, even if one does not have a wok or a will of buying it, one can use frypan; cook it the highest heat possible. 

Wok Chan 

Wok Chan you can say is just as crucial as the wok itself. It is a long-handled metal turner that is commonly used to toss the frying ingredients. It looks like a shovel and has curves on both sides to scoop the food up. For scraping wok from the sides, wok chan also has a metal blade. You will be able to get the chan from your local grocer (Asian). In no case whatsoever do not use plastic spatulas, a metal or wooden maybe but never a plastic one, the high-intensity heat will bend or at worse melt it.

Take Care of That Scent

Italian-Somalian, you gotta add at least three cloves of garlic in your food to make the scent of it more pleasant than it is already. But do not make the mistake of adding it into the ingredients, with the heat on. Immense heat will only burn the smashed cloves out and would ruin the taste of the whole thing. Once the wok is off the heat, put some entire clove of garlic into the food (smashed) and do cover the wok. Let them stay in there for a few minutes and remove them eventually from dish, no one wants to a whole clove of garlic and get fire-mouthed. But, via this hack, you will get a fresh scent of garlic from your food, which is always welcomed. 

Let There be Order 

Some of us toss everything into the wok without any consideration of order and then complain why my stir fry does not taste the same as my mother? Well, our mothers were undoubtedly smarter than us. So, the order of putting food into the wok goes from hard to soft, your oil must get your carrots and cauliflowers before your baby bok choy or beans, so the hottest part of oils would get the hardest of the veggies to meltdown first. But the order game does not stop here; it keeps ongoing. You can also have to put different parts of the same vegetable at various stages. Take asparagus, for example; now its stalk ends would take more time than its spear tips. Hence stalks will go in first, and tips would touch base later. As you must have known by now, stir-frying is a quick job, so it helps if you keep the ingredients aligned in a descending manner. 

Burning Off

Yep, so these are some of the few stir fry hacks that you must acknowledge before going on another cooking spree. This technique of food is way safer than deep frying, and it has kept the Chinese healthy for centuries, and I wish for health for your family too. 

Kylie is a food fanatic who can go to extreme lengths when it comes to learning about cuisines. She has been blogging for over a decade and is an integral part of the food industry in the United States. If she isn't busy writing a piece for her blog, you can find her spending some time in museums and cultural heritage sites.

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