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How to improve your dog’s diet?

Dogs have a healthy influence on our lives. They keep us happy with their presence and make our lives easier. Well, do you pay enough attention to your dog’s health? The fact that it holds an important position in your life means that it needs attention too. While physical activity and mental health are important, diet is an essential part of the dog’s health. Deciding what to feed your dog can make a huge difference in its well-being. Are you feeding it well enough? Even if you are, these suggestions can further enhance your dog’s diet. 

Avoid packed food

Shelf-stable food is easy nutrition. Well, not really! We often think that processed food can supplement the dog’s needs. With a shelf life of up to 24 months, it’s not good for your canine. Influential marketing programs us to think that it’s an ideal option. But that’s not true. Most processed foods do not contain live enzymes. Instead, it contains synthetic ingredients that are bad for the health. Don’t fall into their trap. It’s a gimmick to make you shell out that money. Processed food is not what your dog needs because it does not supplement the nutritional needs. 

Give priority to fresh foods

Nothing can match the nutritional goodness of fresh foods. Whole foods like fruits and vegetables have a high live enzyme content that is essential for the dog’s health. Also, they are stocked with fiber that is great for digestion and gut health. It can help your dog poop better. Also, synthetic nutrients are just an attempt to mimic the one we source from nature. But it’s not the real thing. Whole foods are better because they are easily absorbed in the body and breakdown to provide nutritional needs. You should note that they are certain vegetables that might not be good for your dog. So, choose accordingly. Ideally, you should puree your veggies for better nutrition absorption. 

Don’t cook the meat 

Humans eat the meat cooked. Well, that’s not the case with animals. They eat it raw. Cooking destroys many of the vital nutrients. So, you should avoid feeding cooked meat to your dog. Also, various studies show that cooking gives rise to the production of carcinogenic chemicals that increase the risk of cancer. I hope you get the risk it carries. So, it’s better if you avoid cooking the meat. Instead, feed your dog raw meat. It’s better and packed with more nutrition.

Choose organic fruits and vegetables

While buying fruits and vegetables, ensure that they are organic. Most of the produce available in the market is genetically modified to enhance the production quantity. Honestly, that’s not good for the health.

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Lab tests conducted on mice show that GM foods can completely change the balance of hormones in the body. It’s not just limited to that, it can cause allergies and various other health problems. In fact, it can affect future offspring. Dogs have a lifespan that is 1/8th of the humans. So, you need to pay attention to this aspect for sure. 

Don’t use gluten

Gluten is pretty bad for the dog’s health. Most dry dog foods have gluten in them. They cause more harm than good. Studies show that gluten can adversely affect the kidneys and liver. Also, gluten holds the waste products and this results in a foul smell. Most of the gluten comes from corn and a large chunk of it is genetically modified. So, that makes matters worse. Gluten can adversely affect your dog’s organs and pose a risk to health. So, keep an eye while buying pet food. It probably contains gluten and I’m sure you don’t want that. 

Feed foods rich in antioxidants

If you feed food rich in antioxidants, it can reduce the presence of free-radicals in the body. They are harmful and need to be removed. So, it’s good if you include a healthy balance of nutrients in the diet. Apart from these, pay attention to anti-inflammatory foods too. Diseases are mainly caused due to inflammation in the body. If you keep a cap on inflammation, the risk of disease is substantially reduced. 

Read the product labels carefully

We have a habit of ignoring the important part. Most people ignore the labels while buying the products. Most products contain ingredients that are not fit for animals. Companies add them as adulterants and it can have an adverse effect on your dog’s health. Always read the label while buying dog food. It’s better to stay informed rather than buying something that can have a harmful effect on your dog’s health.  A good way to ensure if you’re buying the right product is by cross-checking the ingredients. You can Google the ingredients and check if it’s good for the dog’s health. Follow this process and then buy the desired product. You’ll be more confident about using it. 

I’m sure with these tips, you can add an element of health to your dog’s diet. With a proper diet, you can make your dog stronger and healthier. Planning to prepare a list of great dogs for protection? You won’t need it because your dog can fit the bill. You just need to feed it right to ensure your dog stays strong and sturdy. It’s not that hard if you keep an eye on these basic tips. Gift your dog the power of good health! 

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