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How To Make Sure Your Pet is Happy and Healthy in Quarantine?

It is not just you who is stuck indoors due to COVID-19, your pets are a part of quarantine as well. This makes the health and safety of your pets just as important as yours. However, your pets are not necessarily aware of the safety protocols and exciting pastimes. 

They aren’t sure what’s safe and what’s not. They don’t know how to wash hands, in this case paws, with soap or what on earth is social distancing. Likewise, while you can binge on Netflix or enjoy a thin crust pizza, your pets cannot because they rely on you for everything. And boredom isn’t an emotion that humans have a monopoly over. Your furry friends can suffer the quarantine blues as well. 

It all comes down to your responsibilities as an owner to keep your pet happy and healthy during quarantine. If you are wondering how to achieve this goal, here are some tips to help you out. 

Keep a regular check on their health and behavior

You may already be aware that the CDC has officially extended every social distancing measures to pets as well. This step has been taken as a response to the reports of two cats and a dog testing positive with clinical symptoms in the US. Though the evidence is still not sufficient to conclude that pets can transmit or contract COVID-19, safety has to be maintained. 

Make sure your pets are not mingling with other pets or owners or any person showing symptoms of the Coronavirus. Most importantly, keep a check on your pet’s behavior. If you feel something unusual or peculiar about your pet, don’t hesitate to contact a veterinarian. Whether it is related to COVID-19 or not, your pet’s health should be tended to immediately. 

Spend time with them

Spending time with pets stimulates positive feelings in both you and your pet. It loves belly rubs and you love the wagging tail and sloppy kisses. But quarantine may be reducing your interaction with your furry animal. 

You may feel distracted with the huge collection of movies and sitcoms available on streaming platforms. Also the new online games have kept everyone occupied. I used valorant boosting services by Zaro Boosting to unlock new missions and rewards without wasting any time. And you cannot avoid the temptation of starting a next mission with the best players and boast about your rank. 

But amid all your pastimes you should not forget about your pet. It needs the same amount of physical activity as it did before quarantine. It needs to go on walks to finish its business. Most importantly, it needs your attention. So have play-dates with your pet, bake its favorite treats or train it with new tricks. Utilize the quarantine time to bond with your pet as much as you can. 

Give them time to rest

As much as you feel that your pet is always up for playtime, it needs to have its personal time too. Just as you feel the need to stay alone after an exhausting day, so does your pet. Remember, it is not accustomed to you staying at home all day. It is possible that they spent that time chilling on the couch. But now that you have no reason to leave your home, don’t overindulge with your pet. Give them their chill time. 

A better option would be to do relaxing activities together. Let it stay by your side while watching a movie or enjoy a cool evening at the pool together under the summer sun. 

Follow a healthy diet together

It is important to focus on what you eat amid the health crisis to ensure your well being. So if you have started on a diet recently, let your pet join you. Proper nutrition can do good to both of you. 

Consult with your veterinarian and include healthy food options into your pet’s diet. Refrain from feeding them any scrapes or food you cooked for yourself. I understand that there has been a shortage of essentials since lockdown. But, there are several delivery services that deliver pet food and other necessities on your doorstep. Utilize them and maintain the nutrition value of your pet’s diet. 

Take them outside

While it is best to stay indoors, you and your pet can enjoy a change of scenery for some time. Get your car and sanitizer ready and go for a drive or enjoy a leisure walk through your locality. Just make sure that you follow all social distancing measures and are not going to any crowded places. Always keep your pet on a leash as it may get excited seeing the outside world after a long time. Remember to clean your pet once you’ve returned. It is best to disinfect it with a bath to avoid any risks. 

If you do feel sick or are around a sick person then this option is not for you. 

Final Thoughts

A pet is an important part of the family. In such serious times, make it a point to prioritize its health and happiness as well. Give it all the love and employ all social distancing measures for your pet. Acknowledge your responsibility as an owner and spread the message to let other owners know of the many ways to ensure the well being of their pet during quarantine. 

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