The Critical Role Top 6 ESA Dogs Play in Your Emotional Well-being

You might be aware of the therapeutic benefits of an emotional support dog. Without any prior training, dogs have an impact on our mental health and help reduce anxiety and provide comfort in social scenarios. While all dogs can provide emotional support some of them are more likely to outshine in the role. Find out ten breeds of dogs that are more sociable, emotionally supportive, and are the best fit to become an ESA.

Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are admired to be the most popular breed of dogs in America. If you already have a retriever in your household then you might know how kid-friendly and loving they are. They reign both as an emotional support animal and general family pets. Their outwards behavior and empathetic approach make them ideal for people with mental health issues.

Golden retrievers are not only loving and comforting but are a smart breed and don’t require rigid efforts to be trained. They are an active breed and would compel you to go out for a walk or run, this could be a good excuse for some physical exercise. You might already have a retriever as a pet at home, getting in touch with a licensed physician will help you to register it as an ESA.


Labradors are explorative creatures and again a popular dog breed found in our households. They are avowed for being loyal, obedient, and playful. Ladradoords often act as therapy dogs and trained to work with law engorgement and official organizations. This species of dog is friendly and can adjust in various environments. They are also the most favored mental aid dog breed and could be called as allrounders, making it the most popular dog breed in many countries. A study showed that 70 percent of guide dogs are labradors.

German Shepherd

A German shepherd is a popular service dog breed, they are versatile and intelligent creatures and are inquisitive towards smell and change in temperaments. Similar to retrievers and labradors german shepherds are household friendly and are supportive to everyday activities. Their bold and protective character is the reason some people prefer a german shepherd as an emotionally supportive animal. These dogs need a healthy protein rich diet for their well being.

German shepherds are energetic and could be a great companion for an evening run or early morning walks. These dogs get along with kids and older people easily. They are obedient and protective and would comfort in stressful situations, making them an optimal choice as an ESA.

Yorkshire Terrier

These canines are 6-8 inches in height and weight about 7-9 pounds. Due to their compact body and smooth silky coat, many prefer them as a companion. Yorkshire Terrier is a confident and affectionate breed, They might demand some extra attention but do make it up in the form of love they give back. They are good traveling companions and could be a helpful ESA on a flight. Their compact size also makes them an ideal travel buddy and can easily fit in the flight cabinet with their owner.


Corgis are devoted and affectionate dogs who get along with everyone,

Their playful and friendly demeanor makes them a good choice for being an emotionally supportive animal. This breed does need regular exercise and training, so they could encourage you to get indulge in physical exercises more often.

You might also have heard about corgis owned by Queen Elizabeth II. She was fond of cories as a child and owned up to 30 corgis.

Pembroke Corgis are often confused with Cardigan Welsh corgis because of their similar appearance though they are smaller in the average size than Cardigan Welsh and have pointy ears.


Collies are energetic and curious creatures who would keep a check if their family is secure and happy. They could be good at picking you up from your bed as they need ample exercise to stay active. Their protecting and caring nature could be very supportive in a stressful situation or if you are going through a depressive phase of life. They could be a great inclusion in your family and you wouldn’t be surprised if it is well-loved.

Support Should be mutual

During the times of coronavirus pandemic, emotional distress in people is becoming common, and while your ESA is taking care of you, it’s also your responsibility to take note if your loving companion is happy and healthy. This also will create a sense of responsibility in your overall well being and would even improve your relationship building skills.

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